How to Maintain, Repair, And Replace Glass Windows

The glass is used extensively in various parts of the house. It can be used in windows, doors, balustrades, partitions, pool fences, and much more. The glass is a practical material to use for it does not demand too much time when it comes to how you should clean it. It also looks good and gives the effect of neatness to the whole house. If you also want to have a well-lighted home, it would be best for you to use glass. However, you need to handle it with care for it is also a fragile one that easily breaks when hit with a hard object.


1. Glass does not require heavy maintenance. However, you need to clean it on a regular basis so that dirt will not accumulate on the glass windows. Glass is porous which is why it would tend to absorb stains and streaks. If these are not removed as soon as possible, you would be the only one who would have difficulty erasing these marks from the glass.

2. Cleaning glass windows would only require you to prepare a mop, a bucket of water, a lint-free rag, a rubber foam, and an old towel to wipe the windows with after wetting the glass. Another tool that you might need would be a metal scraper. This would be needed to take out that dirt and stains which have long lived on the glass. for further details, visit :

How to Maintain, Repair, And Replace Glass Windows

3. You have to submerge your mop into the bucket of water and to ensure that you will clean your glass windows, you should also wet it with cleaning detergent. This would make scrubbing the stains and dirt off so much easier. You should pay attention to the corners of the windows to make sure that dust is not deposited there.

4. Clean the windows as though you are sweeping. The cloth would be useful in cleaning the corners out. Diluted vinegar can also be used as cheap alternatives to cleaning detergent.


If your windows are broken, it would be best if you will call on a professional to do the job of fixing it. For the meantime, you can apply a little bit of first aid so that the problem will not get worse which is to put a masking tape on the part where it was broken to avoid the hazards of the glass falling into pieces. In choosing the expert who might do the repairs of the windows, you should develop a background check in terms of reputation and experience. The best person to do the repair for lead light glass would be one who has an experience in installing, designing, and replacing the same type of glass for various previous customers. This way, your lead light glass would be back to normal upon repair.


Brackets and Hinges on windows would eventually give way due to exposure to the moist and humid environment outdoors. Usually, these are ones which are found under window frames. The leak would call for a replacement glass. This is something that only professionals would be able to handle. You should not attempt to touch anything so that you will not get hurt or make matters worse.